Fast Car Repairs

ZOZ Pte Ltd is known to be one of the most trusted car repair shops in Singapore. Our facility has the best tools and equipment for your car needs. Plus, our team of professional technicians have years of experience and undergo regular industry training.

We value what our customers say, and we will listen to your requirements before providing actual car services. In addition, we will conduct a complete checkup of your car body. This way, we can see what exact repairs are needed and whether we need to bring the vehicle to our workshop.

When the assessment is over, we will discuss the best solutions according to our findings. A quotation will be provided to you as well.

To date, we have thousands of customers in numerous places across the country – thanks to our outstanding mobile car repair services. We want you to experience the same level of professionalism from our team. Thus, we invite you to try our services right away. At ZOZ Pte Ltd, we ensure that your car will be in its best condition once we have completed our car repairs.

As we’ve already mentioned, we have multiple years of experience in the industry. This allowed us to invest in the best knowledge, equipment, and tools for car repairs. We continue to improve our services with industry updates, making us the industry leader in car repair and maintenance.

When we repair your cars onsite, we only work on what is necessary. This enables us to provide a quotation that is reasonable and according to what your car exactly needs.

Find out more about our packages and processes by reading on.

In any case that you believe your car is having performance troubles, make sure that you contact ZOZ Pte Ltd. With our team, we will be able to assist you promptly, without compromising quality.

Once we are done with our assessment and diagnostics, we will discuss the fees and rates. We will then provide a competitive quotation.

With our team of experts and professionals, we will now repair your tyres, power steering,car body and more using the best and right tools.

Once we’ve already completed and you are satisfied with our services, you can pay us through cash, VISA, or NETS.

We can provide our assessments over the phone. To be cost-efficient, we will try to work on the solutions onsite. But in case major issues need to be addressed, we will need to go to our facility for further repairs.

Extensive Diagnostic at Our Workshop

We take our profession by heart and we are not after the profit alone. Thus, we do not give false diagnostics just to provide high quotations. We want to offer genuine evaluation and solutions for your car, and we will only recommend the best solutions.

Generally, you must take your car for regular maintenance. This is one of the best ways to prevent further damages. You can bring your car to our workshop and schedule maintenance with our best technicians.

As we do our assessment, we make sure that our customers are fully informed about every single detail. If there are problems, rest assured that we will only provide the best and most efficient solutions.

We never force our customers with our solutions. Instead, we wait for their approval before we continue with our service. The high level of standards and professionalism allow us to widen our pool of clientele clients year after year.

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