24-hour Car Tyre Puncture Repair Services in Singapore

Getting your tyre punctured while driving can be one of your worst nightmares. But this is something that happens in real life, and you can’t fully prepare for it. Don’t worry, because ZOZ Pte Ltd. is here to help – wherever you are in Singapore and whatever time it is. We are just a call away for your car tyre puncture repair needs.

Need to fix your car tyre because of a puncture? We have the services you need.

In less than 30 minutes, our team of professionals will come your way, and they have the latest equipment and tools to repair your tyres. That way, you can continue driving to your destination without much of a hassle. We are your partner on the road, and we will make sure that you can drive safely with your newly repaired tyres.

When you call our team, the first thing we will do is to identify the root cause of your tyre problem. We will not recommend that you replace your car tyres right then and there.
As a standard, we’re going to check the air pressure of your tyres. Then we will see if there are leakages. When these are completed, we will now move on to the actual tyre repair. With our process, we make sure that your car tyres can last for long periods of time so you can avoid further problems in the future.
You can check our repair process below in more detail..

At ZOZ Pte Ltd, we only provide the best and most efficient tyre puncture services wherever you are in Singapore. Reach out to our shop via call and we will come to you in less than an hour.

From here, we will discuss the best approach for your tyre problems. Likewise, the quotation for the services will be provided.

With our team of experts and professionals, we will now fix your car tyres using the best and right tools. If the punctured tyre is flat and beyond repair and requires a replacement , we will do our best to accommodate with the appropriate services.

Once we’ve already completed our services, you can pay us through cash, VISA, or NETS.

Things You Need to Know If Your Car Tyre is Punctured

If you continue driving with a flat tire, it is not only dangerous for your car, but also for yourself. By doing so, you are putting extreme pressure on your tyres, which can cause grave damages. Likewise, you may not be able to control your car and this could lead to further accidents.
Car tyre puncture occurs when you get in contact with any sharp object. This includes shattered glasses, nails, and screws. From here, your tyre will start to lose its air pressure.
If this happens to you, make sure that you slow down. Immediately park your car on the side of the road and give ZOZ Pte Ltd a call with your mobile device.
It doesn’t matter where you are in Singapore and it doesn’t matter what time it happened. We are open 24hrs a day and we will come to you in less than 30 minutes and we will provide you the necessary services.
Just give us your exact location and our team will find you. Our services will ensure that your tyres are in its best condition and that you can drive without worries.

Other Services for Your Car Tyre

When the puncture in your type is not big, we can repair it on the spot.

On the other hand, if there are several punctures, we will lend you a spare tyre so that we can bring it to our facility. A deposit fee is required and will be given back to you once the tyre is returned. But in rare cases that we do not have a spare tyre or your tyre is flat due to a puncture, we will have your car towed and provide tyre replacement services to get your car running again. Whatever the issue is, we already have a solution.

Serving Everywhere in Singapore, 24 hours a Day

Wherever you are in Singapore, ZOZ Pte Ltd can assist you the soonest possible time. Just give us a call and we will respond immediately. After tracking your location, rest assured that our team will be coming on your way. We guarantee excellent services so that you can continue your smooth journey on the road.

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