3 Car Wheel Alignment Must-Knows For Kiasu Singapore Drivers

3 Car Wheel Alignment Must-Knows For Kiasu Singapore Drivers
Car Wheel Alignment

3 Car Wheel Alignment Must-Knows For Kiasu Singapore Drivers

Did you sense your vehicle leaning to one side as you drive? Has this been happening more often than you like? As a driver that takes pride in safe driving, it’s only natural to be worried about your car’s condition, and you might be right! Because these are the exact symptoms that show your car needs a wheel alignment and balancing service at the Singapore auto repair shop.

But what do mechanics do for car wheel alignment and why do your car wheels misalign in the first place? Fret not. This article has all the answers and more for every Kiasu Driver. Scroll and find out right away!

1. Why Do Cars Need Wheel Alignment?

Cars need a wheel alignment to maintain a smooth and efficient ride. Although vehicles are made up of many components, one crucial component is the suspension system which helps keep your tires in contact with the road surface at all times. Without proper alignment, this vital piece can cause instability or shaking when driving on rough surfaces such as gravel roads, uneven streets and Singapore’s speedy highways. This can, in turn, contribute to more wear-and-tear over time, and it even decreases your car’s fuel efficiency too!

But how do they get misaligned? The cause of this imbalance can be due to a variety of reasons.

Loss of Wheel Weight

Loss of wheel weight typically occurs if you’re driving at high speed and your car suddenly bumps into something solid like a curb or speed bump or if your vehicle lands in a pothole. By doing so, it can impact your car’s suspension and throw your car’s balance off.

Uneven Wear In Your Tyres

Because cars don’t just travel on straight roads, wheels usually wear unevenly through different turns and speeds. So depending on your usual driving routes, it’s common for some tyres to wear out inconsistently from the rest.

Parking For Long Periods At A Time

Parking might not seem like a problematic issue to most, but it becomes a concern when specific points of your tyre start to deflate unevenly from the car’s weight.

2. There Are Different Types of Car Alignment And Balancing

Car alignment isn’t just about trial and error. Depending on the kind of suspension your automobile has, the solution to your vehicle’s wheel alignment will also be different.

The three main kinds of wheel alignment are…

The Front-end Alignment 

As the name of this service suggests, it adjusts the two front wheels of your car to ensure they are squared.

The Thrust Alignment 

Picture a perpendicular line right through the middle of the car. That’s called the thrust line.

The thrust alignment procedure involves squaring all four wheels in your vehicle, which means it includes the front-end alignment service as well.

Car wheel alignment specialists recommend this for vehicles with a solid rear axle or suspension. And it solves the problem of your car turning differently in one direction compared to another.

The Classic Four-Wheel Alignment

For vehicles with independent suspensions in the front and back like four-wheel drives, the four-wheel alignment is the most comprehensive service because it combines front-end, thrust, and rear-end alignment.

Tyre Balancing Is Different From Alignment

Usually done together with wheel alignments, tyre balancing is when mechanics inflate the wheels to optimal pressure to have an even weight all across.

Rely On Experts For Key Tyre Precision

As you can see, alignment procedures require a lot of technical know-how and expertise. Get only the best wheel alignment service in Singapore for your car at Zoz Pte Ltd. Need a tyre replacement instead? Find the finest selection of tyre brands with us and enjoy cruising the roads in peak condition again in no time!

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