Basic Car Maintenance Tips Any Good Driver Must Know

Basic Car Maintenance Tips Any Good Driver Must Know
Basic Car Maintenance Tips Any Good Driver Must Know

Basic Car Maintenance Tips Any Good Driver Must Know

Regular car maintenance is an often overlooked issue. However, it is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the passengers on board. Did you know that a major reason behind accidents is also the lack of car maintenance? A news report explained that research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that an average of 45,000 accidents are caused by vehicle malfunction due to poor maintenance.

Beyond the aspect of road safety, there are also many benefits to basic car maintenance such as enhanced performance and fuel efficiency. The practice of maintaining our cars frequently saves us money and time as it pre-empts any serious issues. With all the benefits it brings, car maintenance is a must! Using ZOZ’s experience as one of the leading car repair and maintenance specialists in Singapore, here are some car maintenance tips to help you do so.

1. Replace The Oil

Engine oil is crucial for the performance of your vehicle as it directly impacts numerous functions in your car. The failure to replace your engine oil can result in engine failure, decreased engine power, engine blockage, the overheating of your engine and the corrosion of car parts. If that was not enough, forgetting to change your engine oil can be a costly mistake as an engine overhaul can easily set you back S$3000. Don’t risk wearing out your engine and change your engine oil regularly. Not keen to get your hands dirty or greasy? Enjoy the convenience of letting the ZOZ team do it for you. With one of the best car servicing packages in Singapore that comprises the changing of engine oil, our car and repair maintenance experts will have your engine purring in no time.

2. Ensure Your Wheels Are Aligned

Clearly, a vehicle’s wheels and its condition are vital to a car’s functions. Driving a car for long periods of time without basic maintenance can result in a lopsided distribution of the balance of your tyres. When the balance of your tyre is thrown off, it causes uneven steering wheel alignment and other serious problems down the road. Naturally, you will be in for a much bumpier and rougher ride as it will be a lot harder to control your car. Unsurprisingly, if you leave this unchecked, it affects the performance of your vehicle and your tyres will wear out sooner than usual. To avoid this scenario, you must have the right car alignment and tyre balancing. That’s where ZOZ comes in. Look no further for your car servicing options. Our team offers the best and most comprehensive wheel maintenance package in Singapore with our top-notch car tyre balancing and wheel alignment services.

3. Clean Your Batteries

Your car battery is key in enabling your vehicle to run as smoothly as possible, making it one of the central components to look out for when you conduct your car’s maintenance. Over time, the terminals of your car battery can accumulate grime and experience corrosion. As such, you should open your car hood from time to time and examine your battery. If it requires cleaning, you should take out the car battery by first removing the clamp with the ‘-’ sign before following with the ‘+’ sign. But before you start, one tip is to buy a suitable cleaning agent. Once your cleaning is done, rinse with a little water. Avoid washing the cleaning agent into the battery vents or it will damage your battery. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the steps needed? Head down to ZOZ to get your battery checked and allow our team to assist you.

4. Inspect Your Tyres

Similar to the wheels, the tyres have a direct impact on your car. It is one of the most basic car maintenance tips to always check the air pressure in your tyres. When the air pressure is excessively low or high, it can cause your tyres to wear out and blow out easily. In the event that it happens, you will need to replace your tyres. It also contributes to poor performance and mileage. To inspect the air pressure, remove the cap from the valve stem on the tyre before checking the air pressure with an air pressure gauge. Refer to the car owner’s manual to check if the amount of air pressure is appropriate.

5. Check & Test Your Brakes

Lastly, brakes play an indispensable role in making sure our car rides are smooth and safe. In order to check that your brakes are functioning properly, you will need to look at both your brake fluids and brake pads. If your fluid has a dark colour, it needs a change. A low level of fluid signals a need for a refill but if it’s empty, it would be ideal to replace it entirely. On the other hand, leave it to the car repair and maintenance professionals for your brake pads. Drive to our location or contact us to make an appointment to test out your brake pads.

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