The 411 On What Mechanics Do In A Car Tyre Puncture Service

The 411 On What Mechanics Do In A Car Tyre Puncture Service
What Mechanics Do In A Car Tyre Puncture Service

The 411 On What Mechanics Do In A Car Tyre Puncture Service

Tyre punctures are one of the greatest nightmares a driver can experience when commuting to their destination. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most common occurrences drivers face. Pebbles, broken glass, nails and other forms of debris are just a few potential threats that can easily pierce our tyres. When faced with the dreaded scenario of a punctured tyre, drivers are left with little option but to fix it at a trustworthy car service centre. Driving with a flat tyre is life-threatening and ultimately damaging to your vehicle.

Replacing it with your spare is merely a stop-gap solution as drivers still need to have a working alternative tyre in reserve for emergencies. While repairing a car tyre puncture on your own is possible, the average person in Singapore would not have the skill set nor the knowledge necessary to do so. Additionally, the puncture may happen under poor lighting conditions or at night where it is challenging to handle this by yourself. In the end, the wise and convenient solution is to bring your car to a reputable 24hr tyre repair shop.

But have you ever wondered about how your punctured tyre is fixed? If so, read on to learn more about what our mechanics do in a car tyre puncture service.

1. Detect The Root Cause

In scenarios where customers bring their punctured car tyres into our service centres in Singapore or our team has been activated for mobile car tyre puncture repair on the road, our mechanics immediately seek to identify the root cause of the puncture. Following our best practices, we firstly check the air pressure of your tyres and examine if there are leakages.

Typically, a closer inspection of your tyres will reveal where the puncture is. But in the event where the tyre has been compromised by tiny screws, pieces of glass or rocks, the puncture may not be apparent to the naked eye at once. For cases such as these, our team of experts will inflate your tyres to appropriate pressure levels and listen keenly for hissing noises. The sounds are created from the air escaping through the slit and reveals the location of the puncture. Alternatively, our technicians will apply an industry-grade solution on your tyres and the bubbles produced will indicate the unseen puncture.

2. Loosen The Lug Nuts & Jack Up The Car

To fix the car tyre puncture, our specialists will loosen the lug nuts in your wheel using an impact or lug wrench. Next, your car will be placed on jacks before our team jacks up the car in preparation to remove the wheels. Finally, they use their extensive experience in fixing car tyre punctures to position the car jack to the suggested jacking points and elevate the side of the car they will work on.

3. Remove The Wheel Nuts & Clean The Hole

After the removal of the lug nuts, our car tyre puncture repair mechanics proceed to clean the area of the puncture with a rasp tool. To be thorough, they will insert it repeatedly to remove any other remnants or debris and make space for the sealing of the puncture.

4. Find A Solution 

Once the cleaning is done, our experts will determine the best solution to fix your car tyre puncture .

There are two possible ways to do this. A tyre plug is an expandable plug placed into the puncture to secure it and enable the tyre to be inflated again. The tyre patch, also known as a radial patch, is a comprehensive solution for sealing up the punctured tyre. As a result of the heat caused by the friction of the tyres during driving, the patch will melt into the tyre and erase all traces of repair. The plug is more time-efficient and can be completed without removing the entire tyre as compared to the patch. However, there is a higher probability of further repair needed after getting a plug.

After discussing how to complete your car tyre puncture, our specialists will provide you with a reasonable approach and quotation for the repair.

5. Patch Up & Inflate The Tyre

When the price and solution have been agreed upon, our team will proceed to execute either the plug or patch to fix the puncture in your car tyre. After that is complete, our technicians will inflate the tyres back to its original levels and place the wheels back before securing the lug nuts tightly. Voila! Your car tyre is as good as new and ready to bring you to all the places you want to head to.

The Professional Car Workshop For All Your Needs

At ZOZ Pte Ltd, our team holds itself to high levels of professionalism in our service and strives to ensure our recommended solutions help you avoid further problems. Unlike some workshops in Singapore,  we will not hard sell customers into replacing their tyres. Our mechanics will only suggest tyre replacements when it is necessary for safety. However, if your tyre is flat and is unable to be repaired, our mobile 24hr car tyre replacement service is ready to change your tyres anytime, anywhere.

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