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Tips For When Your Car Is Aligned But The Steering Wheel Is Not Straight

It is unnerving when you see that your steering wheel is perfectly centred, yet you feel that your car is still stubbornly pulling to one side. News flash! You might have a wheel misalignment. Wheel misalignment is when the wheels on a car are not pointed in the same direction, perfectly perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. 

Another sign of misalignment is when your steering wheel starts to vibrate excessively, indicating that the wheels aren’t in contact with the ground as they should be. 

This isn’t ideal, and could be even unsafe. When your car is aligned but the steering wheel is not straight, the car could be sluggish to steer, making it difficult to react quickly in an event of an emergency. In addition, the imbalance will cause uneven wear and tear on your tires. Lastly, fuel efficiency is compromised when your car is out of alignment.

At ZOZ, we get plenty of customers bringing their cars in with concerns about their steering wheel not being straight even after the car is aligned, so we decided to write this post to help guide you on what to do when your alignment is off.

1. Avoid Driving Too Much

If your car is aligned but the steering wheel is not straight, try to avoid driving excessively.

Stubbornly continuing to drive your car for long distances even when it has a wheel misalignment will only cause the problems to get worse. The car may start to pull to one side more and more, and you may end up with uneven tire wear. In the long run, this makes it yet more unsafe and causing quicker degradation of the tires. 

In addition, the suspension system and the steering system can be damaged if you drive with a misaligned car.

2. Bring Your Car To A Car Service Centre

Besides limiting your driving, you should make haste in bringing your vehicle to a car service and repair centre to check on your steering. After reaching, you should opt for a wheel alignment service for your car. Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting a car’s wheels so that they are perfectly perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. This is important because if your car’s wheels are not aligned properly, it can cause problems with your car’s handling, braking, and gas mileage.

A wheel alignment is an easy fix and should be routinely done in your car maintenance routine, but should be done by a professional car steering repair service. But attempting to repair this at home is not advised.

A car steering repair specialist has specific instruments that can measure the wheel angles accurately and realign them. The professionals will also center the steering wheel to sync with the realignment. 

Our team at ZOZ are wheel alignment specialists that have helped thousands of customers in Singapore align their cars when their steering wheels are not straight

3. Have Regular Car Maintenance

Believe it or not, your car needs to be regularly maintained just like any other piece of machinery. By keeping up with the recommended maintenance schedule, you can help ensure that your car runs smoothly, has greater fuel efficiency and lasts longer. In addition, regular maintenance will spare you costly repairs down the road. 

A regularly maintenance includes checking the tires, oil and fluid levels, and replacing any worn-out parts. Of course, the wheel alignment should be checked to ensure that the wheels are a complete match to the steering wheel and column. 

So, if you want to keep your car running smoothly for as long as possible, make sure to schedule regular maintenance checks! 

Steer Safe With ZOZ

Leave it to the professionals, and let our team at ZOZ take care of your car. We have provided top-notch car steering, and wheel alignment services to thousands of customers across Singapore and helped them repair their vehicles.

In addition, we offer affordably priced car servicing packages to keep your trusty vehicle running in tip-top shape. Give us a call now or send us an email and let us help you align your car whose steering wheel is not straight!