How to Choose a Lasting Car Battery

How to Choose a Lasting Car Battery
How to Choose a Lasting Car Battery

How to Choose a Lasting Car Battery

Buying a car battery replacement can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In addition, there are various brands, types and sizes of car batteries in the market, thus as a consumer, it’s always good to have some basic knowledge of the inner workings of your car, especially when it comes to its electrical and mechanical components. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to be ripped off would you?

One of the most important components of a car is its battery; not only does it provide power to the car’s electrical circuit, it also helps the engine start when you turn on the ignition. In this article, we’ll be providing you with the necessary knowledge that you’ll need to make an informed decision when getting a replacement car battery here in Singapore.

The Right Car Battery Replacement

There are various types of car battery replacements here in Singapore, and this is not a one size or type fits all affair. Powerful cars from the more premium brands more often than not require bigger batteries to run due to the surfeit of electronics and electrical components factored into their design – and we have not even started on Lithium-ion batteries for Electric Vehicles (EVs) yet, and that’s a whole new topic for another day!

Read on to learn more as we take you through some important factors concerning car batteries so that as a car owner, you’ll know what you should be looking for and why.

1. Battery Reserve Capacity

Your car battery’s reserve capacity, or RC in short, determines how long the car battery can sustain and operate the car’s essential features and electronic accessories should the car’s alternator fail. Every car battery specialist in Singapore should know this; examining a new car battery’s RC will tell you how long the battery can discharge and maintain its voltage. Simply put, this tells you how long your battery will last, and that gives you a good gauge on when you should be looking at replacing your car battery hence the writing of the replacement date on the battery itself.

2. Battery Size and Type 

Many car owners think car battery replacement is just picking out one that looks the same as the existing one; but that’s not how it really works. First and foremost, car batteries are organised by group size, in addition they are further segregated according to type and terminal location. In the past, the older battery types require regular maintenance through the topping up of distilled water, however this is no longer the case as car batteries these days are maintenance free, as they retain the sulphuric acid/distilled water mix for the life of the battery hence topping up is not required; these are known as Standard Flooded batteries. In terms of type, apart from the Standard Flooded battery, there’s also the Stop/Start battery, which was developed due to the fuel saving stop/start technology employed by some modern day cars. How the stop/start battery works is that it automatically turns off the engine each time the car comes to a halt, when stationary, this battery powers the car’s lights and aircon.

One should also take note that erroneously placing the wrong battery size into your car might result in over- or under-charging. To prevent such a problem from happening, always consult your owner’s manual and check for the correct battery size. This is especially so for owners of used cars, for the previous owner that you’ve bought the car from might have been using a car battery of the wrong size, thus if you have a used car, it’s important that you check the code in the owner’s manual for the right size before getting yourself a car battery replacement.

3. The Weather and Your Car Battery 

Singapore as we all know is a tropical country with summer all year round, and this can affect your car’s battery as it struggles in this heat, with the chemicals stored within the battery reacting to the ambient temperature. Factor in the humidity of this island nation, and what pops up is another issue, moisture related battery degradation. With battery bodies becoming bloated due to heat and the chemical reaction from the battery’s solution, as well as moisture related issues such as car battery corrosion, regular inspection of your car battery is a must. Driving a car with a damaged battery is akin to playing with fire, quite literally in fact.

When to Replace Your Car Battery

There are some factors to keep in mind when it’s time for that car battery replacement service. They are time, heat, and vibration.

1. Time

Over time, car batteries degrade and eventually, they won’t be able to start the car’s engine. While the life expectancy of a well maintained car battery is generally around the two year mark, it could break down sooner due to variables such as misuse and driving style. For example, if you only use your car to make short grocery trips or coffee runs of about five to ten minutes, the car battery might not have enough time to recharge; in addition cars that are parked for a long period of time and unused naturally discharge power.

2. Heat and Vibration

Car batteries use heat to generate electricity. As mentioned earlier, prolonged exposure to heat causes the car battery to degrade faster; and that results in you having to source for a car battery replacement faster. Also, Internal Combustion Engines or ICE for short will create vibrations in the engine bay, and this will cause a physical breakdown of the car battery’s internal structure.

Your Battery Experts in Singapore

Over an extended period of time, should your car experience any of the above factors listed, you should have your car’s battery checked out at a car battery service centre. Here at ZOZ, we are one of Singapore’s leading experts in car battery diagnostics and replacement. Contact us today to take advantage of our 24-hour car battery replacement services and enjoy the best car battery prices in Singapore.

If you’re worried about what might happen to your car during a battery replacement service, fret not. Here at ZOZ Pte Ltd, we are industry professionals with experience in dealing with on-site car battery replacements as well as at our garage. We’ve even compiled a comprehensive guide on the process of car battery replacement. To keep you well prepared, be sure to check out our blog on what to do if your car’s battery dies!

Being the experts in mobile car battery replacement in Singapore, we’ll make sure your car is properly taken care of and returned to you in the same condition that you’ve brought it to us. A better condition actually; cause you’ll have a brand new car battery, and that means your car will have a new lease of life!

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