What to do if Your Car Blows its Engine

What to do if Your Car Blows its Engine
what to do if your car blows its engine

What to do if Your Car Blows its Engine

A blown engine can be a costly thing to deal with. In most cases, a blown engine results in many of the car’s vital engine components being damaged and will require the car to utilise a car towing service to send the car to a repair shop for repairs. If you’re dealing with an older car, especially those COE renewal types, the repair costs would potentially be higher and might even exceed the car’s value.

So what is a blown engine, how does it happen, and what should you do if you find yourself in such a situation? Read on, as we answer the most commonly asked questions and hopefully this will address your concerns about car repair shops in Singapore, especially with regards to a blown engine.

What is a Blown Engine

A blown engine simply put is when an engine has experienced a failure of a catastrophic magnitude that the entire unit needs to be replaced. If an industry professional or specialist gives you the diagnosis that your engine has ‘blown’, you’ll have to face the fact that most of the components in your car’s engine are beyond repair.

Something you’ll likely pick up if you watch a professional perform a car repair in Singapore, or of any kind of engine bay maintenance; is that a car’s engine is a lot like building blocks, and it is the sum of all parts that makes a car’s engine work. If not too many of the components are damaged, you can find replacement parts be it OEM, original or aftermarket and have them installed for less than it would cost to replace the entire engine; do note that some aftermarket parts might be illegal to fix onto your car’s engine though. Here lies the bummer; setting a blown engine apart is the fact that there are too many to replace, and the cost for repairs will be astronomical. The most common components to result in critical engine failure are as follows:

  • Cracked Engine Block
  • Damaged Pistons
  • Damaged Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • Broken Connecting Rods
  • Scratched Cylinders
  • Broken Gearbox

We hate to break the news, but if all the parts listed above occurs, you have yourself a blown engine, and you’ll have to prepare yourself mentally and financially for a hefty repair bill, whereas just a mere piston, cylinder, or gearbox overhaul in Singapore in comparison would be a much more affordable preposition than sourcing for a new engine altogether, not to mention the hassle of registering the new engine’s details with the relevant authorities.

What Causes an Engine to Fail?

Numerous factors can contribute to an engine failure. It’s actually far more common than you would think for a car owner to end up with a blown engine. Here are some of the ways car owners could potentially end up in this situation:

  • Running an engine that has little to no oil
  • Exceeding the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPMs) over an extended period
  • Excessive overheating without ample opportunity to cool down
  • Serious coolant leaks

As mentioned earlier, numerous critical components can be damaged if the car is not operated with due care and consequently result in a blown engine. The scary part is having that one critical damaged component causing a domino effect; with other critical components following suit; therefore regular maintenance is so important. A car’s engine is a finely tuned machine that needs its parts in tip top condition around the clock.

How Can You Tell if Your Engine is Blown?

Luckily for us, the symptoms of an engine that is about to fail are relatively easy to spot, even if you aren’t an industry professional. Keep an eye on your oil pressure, as low pressure in the oil tank can be an early indication that an engine is about to fail. Also, listen for any strange knocks or noises in the car’s engine bay as you drive.

If your engine overheats on a frequent basis, it might be wise to have it looked at for possible early detection and nip the problem in the bud with immediate rectification. Should your car’s engine struggle to start regularly, it’s also time to have it checked out by a professional car servicing specialist, as this could indicate an imminent failure.

Maintaining a Healthy Vehicle 

There’s only one thing to do if your engine is about to blow or if it already has; utilise a car towing service and have your car towed to a car repair shop. It’s a good thing that should you find yourself already on the side of the road, there’s no need to worry as ZOZ is one of the most trusted and reliable car towing services in Singapore. We’ve invested time and money in sourcing the best trucks and equipment, and we can handle any car with the best in industry care.

Be it a motorcycle, passenger car, or commercial vehicles such as vans and pickup trucks, we can get the job done. Our 24-hour car towing service is just one call away. Don’t try and attempt this alone; leave it to the professionals and let us be the recommended car servicing workshop for you.

We’ll also help you get your car up and running again. Our car repair workshops in Singapore have the best tools and equipment for all your automotive repair needs. Across Singapore, we have several car servicing and repair workshops available to assist you, with our Sin Ming branch being the main location while the ones situated at Chander Road, Potong Pasir, Punggol, and Yishun being our standby mobile locations. If you are wondering, “Which is the car workshop near me?” you now have the answer! So don’t hesitate to locate the nearest ZOZ car repair workshop that’s the most convenient for you!

In addition we’ll also show you how you can maintain a healthy vehicle so that it doesn’t happen again. Be sure to check out whether it’s worth the money to overhaul or replace your engine.

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