4 Reasons Your Car Needs To Go For Regular Servicing

4 Reasons Your Car Needs To Go For Regular Servicing
Reasons For Your Car To Undergo Regular Car Servicing

4 Reasons Your Car Needs To Go For Regular Servicing

Regular vehicle maintenance through servicing is important, as fully functional car components collectively ensure the safety of the driver and his or her passengers. More than that, a car that does not go through a regular maintenance schedule can potentially develop mechanical issues due to wear and tear of its parts, and this can be very problematic, especially if the car decides to break down in the middle of the highway, rendering the driver stranded. Let us explore the four biggest reasons for you to get your car serviced on a regular basis, and why ZOZ is the best at what we do, which is car maintenance and servicing here in Singapore.

1. Malfunction Prevention

Nothing can be more frustrating than a car grinding to a halt in the middle of the highway, even more so when you are in a rush for a meeting with an important client. Forced to make an emergency call for the service of a tow truck and then taking the day off to visit the mechanic, this hardly seems like a perfect day. Coupled with unforeseen repair bills that might be hefty, especially if a car component such as the alternator is deemed to be the faulty culprit, you’ll then start to realise that regular car maintenance and servicing is the right way to go. Prevention is after all better than cure. With regular car servicing, such problems can be addressed early by a good mechanic before they become bigger to cause a malfunction.

2. Ensuring Optimal Performance

Regular car maintenance and servicing in Singapore will also result in better performance. For optimal safety and performance, car owners should always have the mechanic look at things such as tyre tread wear as it affects traction, braking ability as fully functional brake pads, callipers, and rotors helps ensure safety, as well as the condition of the car’s suspension system as a faulty one will cause the driving to feel unbalanced and unstable, and this might cause the driver to lose control of the car and consequently get into an accident. With regular servicing of the above, your car will keep performing at its peak.

Other things to look out for in ensuring optimal performance include checking that your wheel alignment is satisfactory, your engine and all of its associated parts are working as they should, and that your car is not leaking any vital fluids. Regular car maintenance and servicing in short is not an unnecessary cost but a prudent way of reducing operation costs. At the end of the day, usage will result in wear and tear, and cars are not spared from this, so it is important to schedule regular visits to your mechanic for vehicle maintenance and servicing to ensure the highest level of performance from your car.

3. Prolonging Your Vehicle’s Battery

The car battery is one of the most important components in your vehicle. Apart from powering creature comforts such as the radio and the air-conditioning, the battery is also responsible for powering your vehicle’s starter motor, which in turn, feeds power to your combustion engine. If you are one of the few to own an electric vehicle 9EV), regular checks on your car’s battery through vehicle maintenance and servicing becomes even more important as it is the main form of power that your EV relies on.

The overall longevity of your car’s battery can vary depending on usage and the quality of the battery. However, a diligent vehicle maintenance schedule can help prolong your car’s battery life. One of the best ways to keep your car’s battery in peak condition is to not leave your car unused for an extended period of time. The reason is as such; batteries naturally discharge over time. The only way to keep your battery working as intended is by regularly using your car, as your battery starts your car, and in turn the car charges the battery up as you drive.

However, you will eventually have to replace your car’s battery as it still comes with a lifespan of approximately two years. This comes with a caveat – only well maintained car batteries can last that long, so seek help from a battery replacement expert or have a full-service vehicle maintenance at a recommended car servicing workshop in Singapore.

4. Saving You Time and Money

Having your car’s maintenance ensured with a car servicing package can save you a lot of money in the long run. This is especially so when you detect issues early and address them immediately, thus preventing you from incurring a hefty repair and parts replacement bill. If you take care of the smaller issues as they present themselves, you can rest assured you likely won’t have to break the bank on major repairs further down the line. The other perspective to this is that regular servicing turns car repairs into something you can budget for. You’ll get to know your vehicle better and be able to anticipate when you may need to replace a fan belt, cam belt, alternator, spark plugs or your tyres. Should you find yourself too occupied to arrange a visit to the mechanic on a weekday, we can do it on a Saturday or Sunday, as we are also available to conduct car maintenance and servicing on weekends here in Singapore.

Come to ZOZ – Your Full–Service Automotive Specialists

Here at ZOZ, apart from being experts in everything automotive, our services are affordable, and our technicians are armed with the right skills and the best tools. We offer round the clock 24-hour car maintenance services where our widely trusted and professional technicians are always available to see to your automotive needs and wants.

If you prefer that we come to your place instead, our mobile technicians can be at your location within 30 minutes to provide you with expert advice and vehicle maintenance wherever possible. Our well-trained professionals will provide the best in service quality for your vehicle in as little time as possible.

Contact us today for competitively priced car servicing deals in Singapore.

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