What Must You Do When Your Car has Squeaky Brakes?

What Must You Do When Your Car has Squeaky Brakes?
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What Must You Do When Your Car has Squeaky Brakes?

We won’t always be in the know, should our car encounter any significant problems, but due to technological advancement, some modern-day cars are equipped with sensors and equipment that will help notify the driver about any potential issues. But when it comes to squeaky car brakes, it is a clear indication that something needs to be addressed as soon as possible before anything untoward happens.

The most common reason for squeaky brakes are worn-out brake pads or those starting to wear out. Sometimes when your car’s brake pads are covered in some rust, it can also create a squeaky noise, but it will then disappear after applying a brake cleaner solution to the brakes. Even having done so, it’s still important to have your car’s brakes checked because ignoring the squeaking could cause the worn out brake pads to grind and in the process harm your rotors.

The Dangers Of Ignoring Squeaky Brakes

Having working car brakes is one of your car’s most critical safety features. You could potentially run into the danger of brake failure by ignoring squeaky brakes. Take note if your car takes longer to stop. Another indication could be a rattling steering wheel with some shuddering from the brake pedal when it is being stepped on. You should head straight to the mechanic when you hear squeaky brakes, because the squeaking from the brakes is a clear indication that something warrants immediate attention from your mechanic. Ignoring it could be a costly mistake, at best it’ll be an expensive lesson, at worst the possibility of placing yourself and others in danger. 

Tips for Dealing with Squeaky Brakes

Let’s take a look at some things you might want to do when facing the issue of squeaky brakes.

1. Lubricate the Brake’s Contact Points

Sometimes brand new brake pads can also cause squeaking, and fixing it is as simple as lubricating the contact points on drum or disc brakes, depending on your vehicle. You will need to remove the brake pads and apply lubrication on all the contact points. Just avoid lubricating the brake pad and rotor surfaces. However, we don’t recommend performing this task yourself, as removing the brake pads requires the skills of an experienced mechanic.

2. Installing A Shim Kit

Depending on the brake pad set installed, some brakes may already have shims fitted between the pad and the calliper. Alternatively, brake pad shims can be fitted by a qualified mechanic. Fitting brake shims may just help eliminate or reduce noise and vibration on different brake parts. 

3. Replacing Brake Pads And Rotors

Ultimately, if your brake pads and rotors are worn out, it is time for a car servicing appointment with an experienced car mechanic. Sometimes you’ll only have to replace your brake pads, but replacing both the brake pads and rotors would be safer. If you’ve been driving for a long time on worn-out brake pads, it will cause damage to the actual brakes, which will incur more costs than simply replacing the pads.

Car Servicing In Singapore

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