Is It Worth It? A Repair Overhaul VS Replacing Your Engine

Is It Worth It? A Repair Overhaul VS Replacing Your Engine
Repair Overhaul VS Replacing Engine

Is It Worth It? A Repair Overhaul VS Replacing Your Engine

You see a red light, and naturally, you hit the brakes, which sends your car engine sputtering to a stop. But when the light turns green, you find yourself stuck. For some reason, you have a challenging (and embarrassing) time getting your car started again, and you’re holding up traffic.

What does this mean? It’s a sign that you have a bad engine on your hands. And when this happens, there are only two options: overhaul or replace the engine. But because you’re running tight on the purse strings, you’d prefer to save as much overhaul costs at the Singapore repair shop as possible from fixing your engine.

We hear you! This is why we’ve made this comparison list so you can identify when to repair or replace your engine in a jiffy and save money!

But first, how do you know when your car engine needs help?

Signs You Should Have Your Engine Looked At

Knowing the signs of when to get your engine checked comes in handy. It saves you from getting worked up in the middle of the road because you’re unaware of your engine’s situation.

Whether it’s a surface defect like a top overhaul or a troubling issue like a faulty engine, you’ll want to make conducive use of your time and watch for these signs to know if you should bring your car for servicing or not.

These signs include: knocking noises from your engine caused by worn-out ball bearings, wear and tear from clocking long car mileage, metal traces in oil changes, smoke from under the hood, or an increase in exhaust fumes.

Engine Replacement

Benefits of Replacing Your Engine

Because replacing your car engine with a brand new one removes any old pre-existing issues, one of the advantages you’ll enjoy if you opt for replacement is the assurance that your previous car engine problems are over.

Also, compared to buying a new car and adding to the planet’s waste problem, replacing your engine is more eco-friendly and has a lower carbon footprint.

Cons of Replacing Your Engine

Because the cost of replacing an old engine with a brand new one in Singapore is generally more expensive, most people will opt to overhaul or rebuild the car’s engine instead.

When Giving Your Car Engine An Overhaul Saves You Money

If your car is less than 10 years old, it’s still relatively young. This makes it more cost-effective to repair your car’s engine instead of replacing it wholesale.

Since parts and components are disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and tested during an overhaul, mechanics can get to the root cause of the engine failure and fix the actual issue at a lower cost.

However, this benefit depreciates as your car gains in age because your engine could have more underlying issues pile up over time. It’s more likely then that your car needs major repairs instead of a plain top overhaul. As a result, this means the engine becomes more costly to repair in an older car than a replacement.

Engine Overhaul

Benefits of Repairing Your Engine

An engine top, regular, or major overhaul has a long list of benefits. When you repair your car engine, it extends the life of your original engine without issues in connecting to the existing electrical system and engine control unit (ECU).

By recycling and reusing engine parts, you’re also playing a role in reducing scrap wastage—saving the environment while saving money. Doesn’t it sound like a great deal?

Cons of Repairing Your Engine

However, after tearing down your car engine, mechanics will on occasion find the damage to be

too severe. Meaning, deep internal components can’t be repaired or overhauled, and you’ll need to consider replacing the engine at the end of the day.

Going Right To The Source With Expert Help

The most cost-effective way to fix a car engine is to find the cause of the engine failure to begin with to ensure it doesn’t malfunction again.

Have your car engine fixed, good as new. Get professional diagnostics from Zoz Pte Ltd. Trust in specialized mechanics with years of experience to help you make easier decisions.

Need car repairs? We’re just a phone call away. Or book regular car servicing today and ensure your car is always in tip-top condition!

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