4 Signs Your Car Gives You When It Needs Service Maintenance

4 Signs Your Car Gives You When It Needs Service Maintenance
Signs Your Car Gives You When It Needs Service Maintenance

4 Signs Your Car Gives You When It Needs Service Maintenance

If only your car could speak to tell you what’s wrong. Unfortunately, technology has a long way to go before that can happen.

Still, there are signs you can look out for to know when your car is due for a service. Learn what to watch out for in your vehicle through this short 5-minute article.

What Are The Signs For Car Service and What Do They Mean?

Regular car repair and maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle in good shape, especially if you want to avoid getting stuck in a situation where your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

Before it builds up to such a significant problem, your car usually gives you some warning signs prior. Though they appear minute and harmless at the time, these symptoms are telltale indicators to take your car for a service—Dodge troublesome plaguing issues in the future by recognizing these four signs that are easy to spot.

1. Flashing Dashboard

The first thing about car malfunctions is that they typically will show up on your dashboard. The most common one is the check engine light. This one’s tricky because it could range from a minor issue to a major problem like cylinder misfires, a failing ignition coil, a broken alternator, fuel pump issues, and so on.

When that happens, it’s best to get an expert eye on your car right away for a fast car repair before the fault escalates further.

2. Smoke

Seeing unusual amounts of smoke in places they shouldn’t be is a bad sign. Smoke presents from an overheated car engine that stems from a myriad of issues. Or if it occurs in your exhaust pipe, it points to problems in the combustion chamber.

For instance, if your car is smoking under the hood, the issue can be anything from problems in your coolant system, leaky brake fluids, faulty wiring and more.

Or, if your exhaust pipe is blowing out blue smoke, it means your car is burning seeping engine oil instead of fuel, which is usually also accompanied by a distinct aroma. If you see thick white exhaust smoke that doesn’t fade, it’s usually a symptom of a leaking coolant. If your car isn’t cooling the way it should, it risks engine overheat and severe damage.

Detecting these problems early can save you costs. But because these signs can mean many things, or result from a combination of issues in your car, get a proper diagnosis from a mobile car service repair shop in Singapore.

3. Strange Sounds

So far, we’ve identified car issues using sight and smell. But every good car mechanic will tell you a good ear is the key to determining the health of your car.

There are plenty of reasons for unusual noises coming from beneath the hood. If you hear unusual rattling or metal clanking noises in your car, it can be a problem with the timing belt or timing chain.

Another type of sound you should pay close attention to is the cranking, clicking, or popping noise when turning—a sign of steering system problems. It can be the sway bars, a steering column, or another component of the steering system. This type of fault can lead to severe damage to the steering assembly, and it can make your car unsafe to drive.

Another common area you can tell from sound is from the car brakes. If you have squeaky car breaks, it means either your brake disks or brake plates are worn out.

If you hear strange noises in your car, have them checked out by a fast car repair shop with skilled mechanics.

4. Unusual Leakages

Paying attention to the colour of leaks found beneath your car can indicate different issues with your vehicle. If you have an oil leak or leak in your brake fluids, you should see dark black, brown, or even yellowish spills on the ground. These are serious problems that you shouldn’t continue to drive with, and it requires immediate car towing services in Singapore.

A coolant leak is commonly green, but it can also come in pink or orange, and it tends to be more viscous and slimy. These are less threatening, but you should still get the problem looked at and fixed by a mobile car repair service in Singapore before it leads to something more severe.

Regular Car Servicing Is The Way To Go

As you can see, there are invaluable benefits to identifying car problems before they’re too late. Consistent and regular car service matters not only for a quality drive, but it relieves you from sudden breakdowns, fix wear and tear, so your car lasts longer, and ultimately keep you safe on the road. So the next time you notice these warning signs, you know what to do!

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