What To Do If You Have A Sudden Car Breakdown In Singapore

What To Do If You Have A Sudden Car Breakdown In Singapore
Man Suffer From Sudden Car Breakdown

What To Do If You Have A Sudden Car Breakdown In Singapore

It can happen anytime, anywhere. The first nightmarish signs that your car is breaking down can drive anyone into a state of panic, particularly if you’re on the wide-open road within a sea of heavy traffic.

There are telltale signs that your car needs servicing For instance, when your red battery light blinks or your car’s dashboard and headlamp looks dimmer than usual. But sometimes, you miss these signs and end up being stuck in the middle of a busy road in  Singapore. This article will cover what you need to do, step by step, between your car’s sudden breakdown and until roadside assistance comes to your rescue.

But first, let’s delve into why cars break down in the first place.

What Causes Cars To Breakdown?

If your car has been due for a car service or checkup for a while now, there are a few common factors that can cause your vehicle to come to a halt or fail on Singapore’s hectic roads.

  • A flat or faulty battery
  • A damaged alternator
  • Electrical system failure
  • Punctured tyres
  • Engine overheat

So what do you do when the above occurs and your car breaks down? Firstly, don’t panic. Next, follow these three safety steps before the car towing services arrive, and you’ll be out of the woods before you know it.

1. Ensure Your Safety

Car breakdowns never occur at the right time, and oddly enough, they almost always happen in the most inconvenient places. So it’s important to note that whenever your car fails in Singapore, do a quick sweep of your surroundings to take stock of the current traffic conditions you’re in.

If you’re able to, signal to the side of the road and stop in a less obstructive place, safe and away from heavy traffic. But if you’re not able to move the car out of the way at the moment, wait for traffic to clear so that you can safely exit your vehicle. Don’t forget to put your vehicle in Park to prevent consequential accidents like your car rolling away into traffic.

2. Signal To Others

Most car breakdown services in Singapore will advise you to turn on your hazard lights as the next step. But for extra precaution, we would recommend also taking out warning triangles from the back of your car.

On an ordinary road in Singapore, put up the warning triangles at about 20 meters away from your car. But if you’re stranded on a high-speed expressway, you’ll need to create more distance between your stationary vehicle and oncoming traffic by placing warning triangles at least 150 meters from your car.

3. Call For Roadside Assistance

Now that you’ve established your safety and that of other motorists find a secure spot and call for roadside assistance immediately.

To avoid the troubling situation of no one answering your call for help, make sure to dial-up a 24hr car towing service. Especially if you’re stuck on the road in the wee hours of the morning or night, you’ll want the fastest response team to save you from your predicament and get off the roadway, pronto.

Car Towing Services In Singapore You Can Count On

When you face an emergency like a car breakdown in Singapore, remain calm and keep a clear mind. Focus on this simple 3-step guide to ensure your safety. Most importantly, contact a car towing provider in Singapore that you can rely on.

At ZOZ Pte Ltd, we’re here for you, rain or shine. There is no need to worry if your vehicle qualifies because we have all the right tools and expertise to help you out. Reach out to us anytime you’re in a pinch.

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