What Happens To My Car During Battery Replacement?

What Happens To My Car During Battery Replacement?
What Happens To My Car During Battery Replacement

What Happens To My Car During Battery Replacement?

If you’ve been left stranded at the side of the road from a dead car battery, wondering what to do next, you’ve probably already realized at some point that your car battery needs to be replaced.

But as your car rolls into the battery replacement service centre in Singapore, you’re filled with questions and uncertainties like:

What are the mechanics doing to my car?

Will the car return to me as it was before?

How much will this cost? Is it worth it to get a car battery replacement service?

Could I have done this myself?

Well, wonder no more. This article will cover everything you need to know about the process of car battery replacement services in Singapore.

The 8 Steps That Go Into A Car Battery Replacement Service

1. The Car Battery Cables Are Carefully Loosened

Depending on whether your car has a positive or negative ground will determine which cable to remove first. Mechanics can usually tell from the car make and model, which makes for quick work thanks to knowledge and experience.

2. Remove Fasteners

Fasteners hold your car battery in place, so before the car battery’s removal, the fasteners must first be loosened and unscrewed.

3. Remove The Battery

Your battery is then safely removed by a steady hand and then stored in a dry and safe place as the mechanic continues working on the rest of the car battery service.

4. Clean The Battery Tray

Next, the mechanic sweeps the battery tray for corrosive deposits, dirt and grime. To prevent buildup beneath your new battery, the tray is cleaned carefully before your mechanic proceeds to the next step.

5. Align New battery In The Car Hood

We’re more than halfway through! Now the mechanic brings out your new battery and aligns it over the cavity to ensure it settles into its position perfectly when installed.

6. Fasten New Battery In Place

After the new battery is lowered securely in place, the same clamps are then fastened and tightened.

7. Give It Juice

We’re down to the final two steps. At this point, the mechanic will hook up the cables into your new battery, starting from the one he removed last, giving your new battery the juice it needs to power up.

8. Take It For A Test Run

Finally with new batteries in place, your mechanic will take it for a test run by revving up the engines. This is where expertise and knowledge come in to spot any irregularities or issues. If everything goes smoothly during the test, you’ll have your car back in no time.

Why Should You Go To Specialized Mechanics?

It sounds like an easy battery swap, doesn’t it? But it’s easier said than done. Without the proper training or experience, the entire process can consume a lot of time, and you might still have connected your battery the wrong way.

Need some convincing? Here’s why you need an expert car battery replacement service.

Your Car’s Electrical System Stays Intact

Mechanics use great care and expertise during battery replacement at every step of the way to not cause problems to the car’s electrical system.

Safe Battery Management Skills 

A car’s battery may not look like much to worry about, but it can be dangerous to handle. Not only are they heavy, but car batteries also carry hazardous chemicals inside, so if not appropriately managed by an expert, you could risk toxic or corrosive leakage.

Full Access To Professional Tools 

Don’t rely on the makeshift tools you have in your toolbox. Experts have all the right tools on hand for an efficient and safe car battery replacement service.

Save Time 

Say goodbye to guesswork. With an expert hand, a typical car battery replacement service in Singapore takes you in and out of the repair centre in just 15 minutes.

Proper Battery Disposal

In the name of environmental concerns and e-waste, professionals have the resources to dispose of your old car battery the right way.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s worth the dollar to seek help from a pro for your car battery replacement services.

So if you’re ever in need of a 24-hour car battery replacement service in Singapore, here at Zoz Pte Ltd, we’ll come to your rescue anytime.

More Than Caring For Your Car’s Battery

While mechanics can pull off car battery replacements perfectly for you, it’s still advisable to be regular with your car maintenance. Keep your car battery health in check for the long term so you’ll never risk being stranded on the roads again.

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