Detect Car Tyre Slow Punctures For An Urgent Fix

Detect Car Tyre Slow Punctures For An Urgent Fix
Urgent Slow Tyre Punctures Repairs

Detect Car Tyre Slow Punctures For An Urgent Fix

A punctured tire isn’t fun. It’s even worse if you never saw it coming, but that’s what a slow puncture is. Before you know it, you’ve got yourself a flat, and you’re stranded by the roadside on the phone with a 24-hour tyre repair shop in Singapore.

If only you could prevent all of the above from happening.

It turns out you can! Here are some simple steps that will help you identify when you have a slow car tyre puncture.

But first, find out why you should never ignore a punctured tyre that needs fixing.

It’s Just A Slow Puncture, What’s So Bad About That?

A slow puncture means your vehicle’s tyre is slowly losing its pressure due to a tiny hole that lets air escape slowly and gradually. Unlike a standard puncture that’s immediately detectable, an unsuspecting slow puncture can remain out of sight and out of mind until it’s too late. If not found early, conditions like this can lead to a fully blown-out tyre that can occur at any time.

When that happens, the punctured tyre can cause wheel damage, car damage, and even cause you to lose control of the car, putting both driver and passengers at risk. This leaves you with only one option upon finding a puncture—car tyre replacement or car repair services in Singapore.

The truth is, ignoring a slow puncture isn’t noticeable right away, so how are you supposed to recognize the red flags and navigate away from this danger?

How To Detect A Slow Puncture

A large part of early detection is to be vigilant. One of the first lessons we’re taught as a beginner is to inspect the tyres before starting the drive.

This means checking if there are irregularly shaped tyres, deflated-looking tyres, foreign objects stuck in the tyre, or if your car is leaning to one side, so on and so forth. But most of us aren’t as conscientious about checking the tyres before hitting the road.

Because most drivers will typically drive off without checking, let’s find out how to detect a slow puncture on the drive.

Vehicle Handling Problems

If you hear a ticking noise as you drive, your tyre likely has a foreign object stuck to it, and you potentially have a slow puncture on your hands.

If your car seems to be pulling to either the left or right side, the weight balance could be off due to lower air pressure on a punctured tyre as well.

If there are any changes in the responsiveness of your vehicle or you think suspension feels way harder than it used to be, you will need to take your vehicle to the car tyre repair shop in Singapore to fix the car tyre puncture.

Tyres Keep Losing Pressure

New cars have TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems) that detect even the slightest loss of air pressure, so if you’re getting unusual readings, you might want to hop out of the car to give the wheels a good look.

Another sign is if your tyre keeps losing pressure and you find yourself needing to pump air more frequently.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Pressure dropping in a vehicle’s tyre can cause light vibrations in your steering wheel. This is easily noticeable, especially when you’re driving at high speeds.

With these crucial tips on how to recognize a slow puncture, you now know what to look out for to save you from potential danger before it’s too late.

How To Fix A Car Tyre Puncture?

You discover you have a slow puncture, now what?

If you have a spare tyre and an emergency tyre change kit on hand, go through the safety precautions of what to do if your car breaks down step-by-step to ensure you replace your punctured tyre safely on the road.

But it’s highly recommended to take your car into a tyre puncture repair shop in Singapore to service as soon as possible to prevent further damage from potential accidents and have complete peace of mind.

Now that you’re able to detect all the red flags of a slow puncture, you’re able to swerve away from the danger of a perforated tyre.

But you’ll also need to rely on a dependable car tyre repair shop in Singapore, with an extensive range of car tyres in stock, to feel safe on the roads again.

Count On Us For Emergency Car Tyre Rescue

If you need urgent help from an expert mechanic at Zoz Pte Ltd, call us for a 24-hour tyre replacement service in Singapore, and we’ll arrive in under 30 minutes!

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