3 Steps To Choose Your Car Tyres At The Shop The Right Way

3 Steps To Choose Your Car Tyres At The Shop The Right Way
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3 Steps To Choose Your Car Tyres At The Shop The Right Way

It’s not just about the looks. It’s also about how your car rides. So draw your eyeline below the body of your vehicle, and you’ll have your answer to a perfect cruise around Singapore roads—car tyres!

When it comes time for car tyre replacement, it doesn’t have to be a chore. While there are plenty of options in car repair shops in Singapore, you’ll be just fine if you know what to look out for. So don’t be overwhelmed by choices. Instead, look forward to an effortless decision with just 3 steps in mind.

But first, let’s explore why choosing the right car tyres for your car matters.

Why Choosing the Right Car Tyres Matter

Choosing the right car tyres gives you a comfortable ride, and it also optimizes your vehicle to its full driving potential. Not only that, by making the right wheel selection, it also keeps you safe on the road.

Once you’re at a car repair shop in Singapore, it’s essential to consider the tyre size, tread pattern and more. Think about the practical applications of the tyre and how it’ll benefit your everyday drive, and you’ll instantly profit from the smooth boost to your ride.

There are many aspects to a tyre that builds on your vehicle’s durability and safety assurance, all of which you need to consider before any purchase carefully. So let’s dig into the 3 quick steps to choosing the right tyres for your car right away!

1. Know Your Driving Style

The first thing about car tyre replacement is to find the best car tyres that fit your driving habits in Singapore. Depending on your driving style, it will narrow down the wide range of wheels to select from, helping you make quick and easy decisions on the spot.

Tread Pattern

A tyre’s tread pattern can determine the quality of your drive significantly. There are 3 patterns to select from.

Go for the asymmetrical tread pattern for smooth acceleration around corners and a good handle even in wet conditions.

If you prefer a silent, velvety drive, spring for the conventional symmetrical tread pattern. It has low rolling resistance and excellent stability, especially if you’re new to driving.

Lastly, the directional tread pattern is made for the adventurous. From sticky mud to slippery roads, this tread pattern handles well in all of them, even at high speeds.

Aspect Ratio

A tyre’s aspect ratio is the proportion of the tyre’s sidewall height by its width. A lower aspect ratio lowers the car’s stability but proves great for high-speed cornering, while a higher aspect ratio increases the car’s balance for a smoother ride.

2. Fitting Your Vehicle Type

Tyre Size

Picking the correct size that fits your car in terms of rim size, tread width, and sidewall height can change how your vehicle handles the roads. Going for a larger wheel can also increase your car’s driving height and speedometer readings while going smaller than your original tyres is not recommended for safety.

Speed Rating

The higher the speed rating, the more brake and grip power your vehicle will have. But that also means your tyre treads will wear out faster too.

Most cars and sedans are suitable for tyre speed ratings S, T, U, H, which can handle speeds up to 210 km/h. On the other hand, sports cars can have speed ratings up to V, Z ,W, Y, (Y), which can take speeds up to 300+ km/h.

3. The Makings Of The Tyre

Manufacturer Brand

Wondering which car tyre brands are the best? Some drivers prefer Michelin, others Continental or Dunlop tyres. Each of these brands has its unique advantages. To find out which fits your everyday drive best, speak to a car tyre specialist at Zoz Pte Ltd right away!

Replace Your Car Tyres At The Shop Today!

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