What Is Wrong With My Tyres? Wheel Issues You Need To Fix Now

What Is Wrong With My Tyres? Wheel Issues You Need To Fix Now
Man Checking Out His Punctured Tyre

What Is Wrong With My Tyres? Wheel Issues You Need To Fix Now

Wheels are the only objects keeping the car mobile. Even with the perfect engine, your car can’t move without proper wheels intact. For such an essential part of your car, it’s unfortunate that most drivers don’t pay enough attention to their tyres. Other than when your car tyres have a puncture that needs fixing, it can be challenging to spot critical wheel problems on your own.

Because it’s difficult to detect the warning signs, here’s a quick guide to help you identify four common wheel problems that raise a red flag.

1. Uneven Tread Wear

The four wheels on your car can signal deeper issues that run within your vehicle. Causes of uneven tread wear can result from more extensive problems like car alignment and balancing problems, car suspension troubles, or neglected tyre pressures. So if your car wheels suffer from uneven tread wear, you shouldn’t ignore it.

The first order of things is to contact your mechanic for an inspection. Because the car touches the ground unevenly when its wheels are not correctly aligned, your specialist will likely proceed with a car wheel alignment check since it’s usually the main culprit. This will prevent your vehicle’s wheels from suffering further inner or outer tread wear.

2. Overinflated Tyres

Most drivers hate the hassle of pumping their tyres regularly. Although we don’t always admit it, there are instances where we take shortcuts and inflate our rubbers more than we should to save time. But by messing with the delicate balance of tyre pressure, over-inflated tyres can do you more harm than good.

Seemingly harmless, overinflation is an unsafe practice that wears your tyre’s centre away quickly. Because of the reduced friction, your wheels lose traction and risk swerving accidents when you raise your speed or drive on wet roads.

Overinflated tyres also lose a significant part of their shelf life because of the increased wear and tear or could even lead to wheel distortion, costing you more in the long run.

If you suspect you have a case of overinflation, head to a car mechanic right away. Because an expert can calibrate the appropriate amount of tyre pressure that goes with the weight of your car’s engine, trust in a specialist to correct this and inflate your tyres the proper way.

3. Cupping Tyres

Cupping is uneven wear to your rubbers that look like sporadic craters on your tyres.

The most common cause of cupping tyres is car wheel alignment issues. Improperly aligned tyres can’t keep up contact with the road. As a result, tread wearing occurs unevenly.

Another cause behind this phenomenon is dysfunctional shock absorbers. With a faulty suspension, your vehicle is no longer rolling smoothly. Instead, it bounces at odd intervals, which then cause your rubbers to hit the road at different pressure points, leading to cupping.

If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride, your tyres would need a good look over as the first point of contact. To prevent further damage to your vehicle, it’s wise to bring your car to the nearest car tyre repair shop in Singapore.

4. Bulging Tyres

An embarrassing hit of the curb or pothole can hurt any driver’s pride, but that isn’t the only blow. For instances like these, the integrity of your wheel suffers damage too.

A sudden impact on a big or uneven object causes the internal structure of your tyre to go awry, which is when a bulging tyre reveals itself. A tyre blowout becomes imminent when this happens, and you can lose complete control over your car. So stop driving, immediately look up a mobile car tyre puncture repair service, or call for roadside tyre replacement from a car workshop near you.

Drive With Confidence

With this quick guide, you’re now able to identify red flags in your tyres instantly. Know what to look out for and call your trusted mechanics at Zoz Pte Ltd for safe, reassured driving on Singapore’s streets.

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